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Mr. R.K.Gupta (The Founder Chairman & Owner), a man of powerful ideas and decisive actions, is an established businessman with a vast experience of about 25 years in international business. Mr. R.K. Gupta started with banking and soon switched over to manufacturing industry in India. His never ending passion for growth brought him to the City of Gold, Dubai.

Dubai has always attracted people with its mystical magnetism as a city where all dreams come true. Being the commercial hub of the world, Dubai was an obvious choice for Mr. R.K.Gupta to establish his business empire. He represents the new breed of young, bold and visionary business leaders.

Chairman’s Vision

Dubai gave him the opportunity to be exposed to the international market. As of date, Mr. R.K. Gupta has a portfolio of companies spread all over Dubai in various fields like trading, restaurant, real estate, tourism, and consultancy.

Being from an elite MBA background in India, the knowledge and exposure gained in the local market, especially in management, has foreseen him growing into a wider area of expertise. His own experience as a masterful business consultant also propels EBMC forward to take on a new challenge.


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