The Charisma Chemistry For Entrepreneurs


A spark of charisma is important to have in any entrepreneur, 

The Charisma not necessarily by birth you can acquire, its a chemistry based on the formula of   habit , belief   knowledge& practice.
So where does an would be entrepreneur starts from? First what is required is  physical and the mental fitness developing a tremendous will power. Then the grooming, Dressing . the etiquettes and the lifestyle . All adds to the charisma.
So to begin with good health for the physical fitness, so where  to begin ? A routine round of blood test to check the haemoglobin, blood sugar cholesterol and other parameters are fine, if not consult the doctor. 
Great health comes from well-balanced diet and  sufficient fluid intake. Start  your day with a glass of warm water. then on empty stomach, a bowl of fruit , a glass of  juice or even an apple is great. there are several benefits of having fruits on an empty stomach, fruits are a great cleanser, and provide antioxidants vital for the body prevents the ageing factor.
 A well-balanced diet covering proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates  are a must.A plate of  salad that is a raw diet is a must to have once a day. Dinners must not be taken late nights.
Sugars , candy and alcohol & cigarettes  consumption to be reduced  and avoided as much. If you are addicted to  smoking, alcohol or substance immediately get a professional help .
Remember fruits are great in the morning and milk and prebiotics in the latter part of the day.
Fast and junk food to be avoided as much. It is important to see that whoever is making your daily food must be in a happy or a good state of mind while preparing your food. Cooked food absorbs the energy of the cook , hence a good frame of mind is needed. you must have often heard people saying there is nothing to match my mums cooking it is because of  the mums, however, kind of cook they are, but a mum  always makes the best for her kids because of its made with pure love.
There are no restrictions on eating a tasty meal , use any good cooking medium . there are many who goes on a diet or embarks on a new kind of food habits , it is not highly recommended, rather I would suggest eating what your ancestors have,  for example, you are from an ethnic origin and  you  go for a western food style after a while it will not give you the satisfaction, remember  the essence of food contributes to the mind factor. So eat what  gives you satisfaction at the end of the meal, not just fill your stomach.
Then for further  physical well-being
Sufficient sleep is very important  for healing , well-being and immunity . Do simple rounds of breathing exercise as you get up in the morning, followed by a 2-3kilometer walking or jogging. Of course, yoga and gym definitely help if you can manage .
A good warm   shower maintaining a high level of personal hygiene followed by a good grooming  is a must. NO one likes to have a shabby boss or colleague . A clean shave, a neat haircut and well-done nails of hands and feet & good round of oral hygiene to avoid bad breath are important.
While dressing up please see that the clothes are washed , ironed and well fitted. Wearing a branded clothes is fine but what is important that your attire,  that is design, colour and the fabric  of  the wear must be suiting the occasion & the weather  yet must be affordable, An entrepreneur  must avoid living beyond his means. 
A good deodorant or  body spray is good. washed and ironed clothes   and polished shoes for men and neat footwear for ladies, please see that the heel of the shoe is not worn out. It is preferred that the entrepreneur must  dress up smartly . The accessories, tie, belt and hanky for  gents .For a woman, an entrepreneur must wear suitable accessories & carry a decent  handbag.
These are simple tips and can be accomplished easily , so much that it blends with the lifestyle.  Just following these tips one can maintain  a great sense of well being but the entrepreneur needs an additional boost , which is the  winning  attitude yet forever ready to overcome any obstacles, any  worst situation he knows that he will be able to overcome the problem and learn from the situation.
Develop a regime of continuous learning to   improve your knowledge, developing good communication with internal clients ie, staff, shareholders , partners and external clients. developing a strategic growth & a corporate social responsibility   for your company , be focused on the vision. remember to live for others, not just for yourself, this very attitude itself   adds on to your charisma and growth.
Few more tips on  improving your charisma are to think outside the box, take up a challenge, to come out of the comfort zone, be it sky diving, or speaking a few words of wisdom or thanks whichever appropriate  to a gathering. It’s a constant coming out of the comfort zone and knowing that you can get confident.
It is a good information to know that highly charismatic and successful entrepreneurs practise sex transmutation, which means transferring the sexual energy to create more enthusiasm and dynamics in  oneself. the sexual  energy in mankind is very powerful it  procreates life, it arises the  strongest good factor feelings in mankind.  At the same time after ejaculation, it can deplete one of all the energy he has.
The idea is to harness this energy rather than just let go of  it and transfer the feeling to other parts of the body to boost its energy.
In Chinese, it is called the  Qi Gong exercise. 
 where this energy is  transmuted  it to  the entire  body mind and spirit. a routine practice of it will energise the all the energy centres or the chakras in our body, for example,  we will expand our feeling of compassion  by expanding the energy   located at the heart centre., have more clarity of thought , get better at public speaking by expanding the energy at the throat centre, get better motivated and overcome fear by energizing the solar plexus center, Actually the sexual energy instead of releasing out we harness and transfer to the entire body. it is simple and can be achieved through restraint and practise. It also increases your immunity & increases your confidence.

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