EBMC Magazine 3rd Special Edition (45th UAE National Day)

45th national day

Dear Readers,

It is an  immense pleasure to publish the EBMC e-magazine on the occasion of 45th National Day of UAE.
Over the years this country under the guidance of very great leaders has nurtured  entrepreneurs, investors and  ambitious executives from different parts of the globe.
UAE has developed a cosmopolitan culture , where people from all walks of life, religion and nationality can coexist peacefully. We are bind together commercially and ethically. Tolerance and an efficient yet modern system of law have kept the peace and progress of this country.
We wish everyone the locals as well as the residents here of this great land a happy 45th National Day celebrations. We hope you enjoy reading our magazine and look forward to getting your feedbacks.
To view the magazine please click on the link EBMC Magazine (NEW)
Bhavna Gupta

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