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Emirates Business and Management Consultants (EBMC) is one of the largest business consultancy and management firm in UAE. EBMC does complete business setup service in UAE. From market feasibility study to IT infrastructure for our clients, it has also got Business Centers all over UAE. We are handling the planning, designing and implementation of complete network security and Telecommunication setup for our clients.

Our IT setup Solutions involving Vendors like HP, Cisco, Juniper Networks, Symantec & Microsoft. For telecommunication we are using Ericsson MD110 PBX system, (worlds most advanced PBX system UNIX Based), DNA server, Diavox fax and Voice Server. We have ISA server, HP and CISCO switches, Microsoft Security Solutions. We are conducting Training and Seminars for our clients.

Our IT team can give suggestions regarding network devices for our clients according to business scalability. We have two high speed internet lines.

The MD110 is the world’s most advanced PBX system, supports up to 35000 users in one system and the market’s first cordless PBX, supports up to 20,000 cordless users. It has a unified network that supports integrated voice, data and multimedia applications. Because of its distributed architecture it supports 35,000 or more users in an office, or enterprise environment. Full mobility is supported in any configuration and across multiple locations.

It has a Distributed architecture based on the three main principles:

Distributed control system,
MD110 feature Link:
Software blocks


The modular system is stackable using the building-block principle. The system can be configured and enhanced according to customer requirements.

  • Scalability, Flexibility, Reliability and availability, Decentralization.


The Processor Switch Module (PSM) uses its own control system and switch and works as an autonomous system or as integrated part of a larger system. One PSM can have up to 3 interface modules (IFM) and then support up to 640 extensions (traffic and configurations depending). Larger systems are built by simply adding processing and switching capacity (PSMs and IFMs) as the system grows. In this way, integrated systems with more than 20.000 extensions and full feature transparency can be built.

Flexibility (even processor load)

With distributed processing and switching there is always enough processing and switching power in the system to provide the required performance to end users in optimum manner, independent of system size. Investing in a new system does not have to be expensive. Extra processing and switching power are added as the organization grows.

Reliability and availability

Full processing and switching power is distributed to all PSMs a fault in hardware or software affects services only within the malfunctioning PSM, not the entire system.

The MD110 software divided into central and regional operating segments. Each PSM contains all the necessary regional software to ensure complete control of intra-PSM call processing.

Communication between PSMs in controlled by central software, which is accessed as required by the originating PSM. The central software is duplicated in several PSMs for added reliability.

Decentralized system

The modules can be flexibly distributed over the Business Centre keeping 100% feature transparency, independent of distance between the modules and number of user.

The MD110 PBX has no predefined system configuration. Instead, users can build up an integrated voice and data network using standardized elements (modules). Processing power (PSMs) and capacity (PSM/IFM) can be loaded where they are needed, to suit users’ unique communication requirements.

The latest MD110 PBX system delivers significant new functionality:

  • Cordless mobility with fully integrated DECT (digital enhanced cordless telephony)
  • Networking
  • Open interface
  • Call center
  • SNMP network Management
  • Integrated voice mail
  • Personal numbers


Now, the system has been enhanced with Dynamic Route Allocation (DRA) to support feature transparency over public switched ISDN or IDN networks for PBX interconnects, thus eliminating the need for expensive dedicated leased lines. DRA uses voice compression to support up to four calls on one channel, resulting in substantial savings on traffic costs. This is with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software, provides and ideal platform for large organization that handle hundreds or thousands of calls daily.


New SNMP tools are being added to the Dynamic Network Administration family of network management tools, which includes Directory Manager, Extension Manager, Performance Manager, Node Manager and Event Manager, as well as the Management Repository Server, which is common to all applications, and Operator workstation and Personal screen Call applications for users. using TCP/IP and PPP (over the LAN or via modem).

Personal Number

Personal Number
we configure the Personal Number according to the personal profiles, which may be activated according to the situation (in the office , traveling, at home, etc.). The profile determines what happens to incoming calls, which will be forwarded to different telephones in a pre-defined order or transferred to a back-up service.