Back Office Support in Dubai



Why a back office?

Dubai is a rapidly growing global business hub. it is the gateway to the MENA region, the entire GCC, Europe as well as the Indian sub-continent.

For your business expansion, it is recommended highly, yet for you to relocate we would like you to have a 100% confidence in the planning and logistics you will undertake. 

EBMC Back office is a business product designed for you to adapt, to understand the market and to have all the know how so when you set up your license you will be able to make the best of the expansion.

What do we for you?

  • Get a thorough study about your product/service
  • Before you think of launching we will provide a complete understanding of the market
  • Offer a ready plan to step into the market
  • Recruit and provide you with the committed staff, suitable in the field required
  • The executive reports directly to you
  • Will get you a report of the market scope
  • A Dubai representative address with a dedicated phone number
  • We Generate your inquiry in the market
  • We will help you set your company – get the launching done
  • Video conferencing facility with your back office staff

How will back office benefit you?

When considering whether to outsource key components of your business’s back office tasks, there are many factors to keep in mind. Back office operations are a vital part of your business and you want to be sure they are handled properly at every step of the process – fortunately, there are many benefits to back office outsourcing when it is done properly. Here are some to keep in mind.

Focusing on Core Components of Your Business

One of the first benefits of back office outsourcing is the fact that, by moving a number of repetitive, time-consuming tasks to outsourcing companies, you can focus on the core functions of your business, whatever they may be. Instead of spending hours developing and presenting reports and crunching numbers, you can focus on business acquisitions, money management, marketing development and taking action on the finished products produced by the company.

Immediate Access to Services and Technology

Another of the many benefits of back office support is that you have immediate access to services, often around-the-clock, as well as the latest technology in the field. Instead of investing large sums of money in purchasing new software and hardware, you can outsource the tasks that would need that hardware and software to an overseas firm that handles it for you.

Reduced Costs and Flexible Resource Management

One of the most obvious benefits of back office support is that you will spend significantly less money on in-house tasks. Because EBMC has trained staff members to handle specific tasks, you can focus your internal efforts on tasks that your staff has been trained to perform and avoid hiring new employees or outsourcing domestically with higher costs. This also gives you increased flexibility in resource management, allowing you to make faster, better decisions about how to allocate labor and marketing budgets.

Potential for New Opportunities in Various Fields

Offshore outsourcing allows you to pursue new opportunities in a variety of fields. Because your costs are lower, you can reduce your prices and deliver finished products faster, opening up opportunities in markets around the globe. You can also develop new and innovative ideas because you will have much more time to focus on enriching your business and developing new products and services that fit the needs of your target market.

There are many benefits of back office outsourcing, from reduced costs to ensuring the work completely by those you outsource to do a good job at every step of the way. If you are interested in learning more about these or other benefits specific to your industry, contact the experts of Back Office Pro today and ask to talk with one of our customer service specialists to get an estimate.