EBMC Citizenship Programs


Second Citizenship is possibly one of the most important decisions you are likely to make so it is essential you make the right choice in choosing a partner firm to help you and your family secure your passports correctly.

When you agree to sign with EBMC you are hiring an extensive network of the finest immigration consultants in the respective country program, who hold the strongest relationships at Governmental level. This means we are able to handle complex scenarios and answer concerns immediately with authorities.

No other firm is confident as we are to completing your file successfully. We give a full 100% refund guarantee on our consultation fees, should we not complete your citizenship application.

Second Citizenship is for life and will come with many questions and challenges. We won’t leave you in the dark once you have received your passports. Our aftercare service extends much further than just submitting your application and we gladly help clients with topics such as transfer of resident visas, consular introductions, and travel questions